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Software Solutions

pi international® is a team of innovative minds, currently involved in web based software development, cleaning of address data for HealthCare Products, which involves evolving a rock solid secured internet based applications, which offers a world of options in a few simple clicks for its HealthCare Data Retrieval, Audit, Analysis and Software Solutions.

pi international® provides SAS tools for data access, extraction, transformation, loading, management, analysis and presentation. We convert the raw data to the formatted data.

pi international® provides geocoding services of assigning geographic identifiers (e.g., codes or geographic coordinates expressed as latitude-longitude) to map features and other data records, such as street addresses. This process makes use of data from a street geographic information system where the street network is already mapped within the geographic coordinate space. Each street segment is attributed with address ranges (e.g. house numbers from one segment to the next). This interpolation helps Field Reviewers to easily locate the provider’s addresses.

pi international® developed software systems for RCS, New York to be used in radio broadcasting, internet web casting and audio industries. These systems are utilized in digital audio playback, music scheduling, content management and delivery.

Health Audit

“Quality is inherent.. in every process we determine professionalism.”

pi international® involved in health outcomes studies and healthcare surveys with collection, verification, and reporting of healthcare data to our clients in the US.

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